‘Enough for what?’ you might ask.

Well, let me explain.

The atmosphere was high in energy with the whole audience of 7500 leaning forward to hear compelling stories on leadership. I was just sitting in a conference hall in front of Sir Richard Branson.

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After the session, I recalled from the dark depths of my subconscious a question. So, why is it that…

  1. Salespeople join conferences to learn more sales,
  2. Coders join conferences to learn more coding,
  3. Testers join conferences to learn more testing, and
  4. Business executives join conferences to learn business executive stuff?

Of course, it is great that people want to become better at what they do. But why is it that only a handful of salespeople have studied the psychology of making a purchase?

I even know software testers who have never taken a look at coding to find out what’s under the hood of a software. Or to get a sense of the problems developers face daily.

Without exception, the most successful people in their careers have studied the mindscape of their most valuable customers.

So, let me ask you. Who do you serve? Could you study more of the things that they hold dear?

It’s not enough to build your skill. Build will instead, to understand those you serve.

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Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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