My head is about to explode. Light cuts my eyes and cold sweat stings my eyes. There was a sensation of vertigo from a headache as I felt like throwing up. I suffered a migraine attack yesterday…

…Or it might have been just a severe case of caffeine withdrawal.

Luckily, I belong to the group of people who gets better with mild painkillers tab and some coffee. Doubling the tabs and cups makes me feel better faster, but how much is enough?

If I started the day with 7x400mg of something (avoided product placement here), and a few liters of coffee, I’d feel even more terrible.

Superfoods, painkillers, stimulants, alcohol, fitness, resting and even testing become detrimental when taken in excessive amounts.

This inverted U graph on the relationship between investment and benefit stands true for nearly all kinds of activity.

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Increasing the effort brings benefit until the additional investment becomes detrimental to the impact we aimed for.

In my domain of testing the questions always are: When should we start? How much should we invest?

I always say that we can guess the optimal investment, but then luck gets a bigger role than it deserves.

Aim for the fast and first meaningful dose instead. And aim for it immediately.

Smallest impactful investment is discovered by starting from the beginning of the curve and tuning it up with experience and learning.

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