Why should a pro think like a marketeer?

Did you know you already are a brand? I always hear complains about the question. I don’t have a logo or a slogan. There is no way I can be a brand.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this. Yes. You are a brand.

You are exactly that, because you already are known for a promise. Someone has hired you at some point of your life for a reason. The reason is a promise that resides within other peoples minds. A promise that you might be the one who solves some of their problems or to meet their needs.

The only problem is that just a handful of people are actually willing to explore the space around their personal brand or promise. Willing to ask questions like:

Why is it that that people need me? What for? Could I drill deeper into that competence and learn to tell compelling stories about it?

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I was thrilled to join the European Testing Conference in Helsinki this year to meet with software testing professionals interested in their professional reputation. Willing to face the fear. To climb on stage in front of everyone and do their magic on stage.

I’d really like to see more of our kind to step up and tell their story.

(This post was inspired by the talk by Rosie Sherry at European Testing Conference 2017 in Helsinki)

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