What to do with an obsession?

For some time now, I’ve had this obsession. It haunts me as a title that has emerged in my mind too many times now.

The title is so persistent it even haunts my dreams occasionally. So there is no other option for me than to give it a voice now. To state it here and then embark on a quest to unearth what it means.

The end of test management

I’ve met with over 2000 people over the course of 11 years as an entrepreneur in software testing. We have discussed, experimented, learned, searched and discovered together what is important in software and testing. We have dug deep to find interesting fossils as well as seeds of tomorrow.

I believe this journey of discovery stands at the root of my obsession. I feel like there is something inherently wrong with the way we see work today. And with the way we try to organize our craft called software testing.

With that said, It is just natural to ask what happens now? Now that I voiced my thought. Now that I gave it a title.

So here is what I will do. It will be a public project where I first write a book. Piece by piece I will craft it here on Medium. And if you join the journey by subscribing, you will be the first to have read this book.

Image for post
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Before saying ‘Off we go’ I wanted to ask for your help as well.

Would you join the process by hitting me with the questions that you find troubling about organizing software development and testing? I will then struggle to bring clarity on the topics for both of us.

So. Off we go :D

Yours truly


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