I love coffee. Especially on Sunday mornings when there is nothing else to do. Last week the traditional morning toast leaped out of the toaster with an enthusiastic thunk. It was the time for breakfast.

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Right at the first steps of the breakfast, something felt wrong. It was about the ‘feel’ of my traditional toast. It was crispy, but the taste of it was missing something essential. On the third bite, I finally understood that it was about salt. Or rather, that it was missing.

Days later I found the salt. For some twist of fate, the last loafs of bread were burningly salty. I still don’t have a clue as to why it happened, but maybe that’s just part of the mysteries of life.

You might have already noticed that I’m fond of crazy metaphors. So it turned out I found one here as well.

It’s funny how the mind works. It finds ever more of the things that it tries to seek. Try to find evidence that your product works, and you shall find it. Try to find evidence where your product still falls apart, and you shall find that as well.

But that wasn’t the point of my story. That was just my attention disorder talking. So let’s get back to business!

Software development is just like my toast. It’s a delicate combination of all of its ingredients. Leave the salt out, and it just doesn’t work. Or put all of the salt in on the last loaf, and you get a terrible taste.

Nothing good comes out of such a setting. Except, an excellent ingredient for frying some croutons.

So what if testing was the salt of the software development? How would that bread taste if we left testing out at the beginning of the project and added all of it into the last loafs?

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