There is a paradox at play when this ship leaves Athens. It is the ship of Theseus and it leaves for a long journey on the sea. In fact, the journey is so long that spare parts need to be loaded on the cargo as well. Otherwise we would be left with nothing but a wreck.

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The ship needs repairing during the voyage and piece by piece, plank by plank it is renewed. Old parts are tossed over the railing as new parts replace them.

At the time of its return to Athens, every single part of the ship has been changed. Now we are faced with the inevitable question of identity.

Is this new ship the same one that left the harbor so long time ago? And if not, at what time exactly was the ship changed?

Most people I know consider it to be the same ship. So the dilemma grows more complex.

What if a bunch of pirates followed the original ship of Theseus on its voyages and gathered every single piece tossed? What if at the time of return, the pirates then assembled the original ship.

Now with two similar ships at harbor, which one would be the real ship of Theseus?

Usually at this point the answers start to diverse. It is not that simple anymore. And that is exactly why there is a paradox at play.

In both cases a new Ship of Theseus arrives to Athens, but only in the first scenario it might still be considered the real one.

Have you ever heard the old saying where the content is the king? It is used especially in the world of business development and marketing. The saying refers to an idea where the content is the defining factor of value.

I have to disagree. Content might be the necessary basis for the value, but it most certainly is not the king. Without a ship to begin with, there would not be a paradox either.

The context that we create in a form of a story defines totally the way we see the actual outcome of this sea voyage. The same principle applies to your work as a professional. The same principle applies to every single piece of content that you create.

Context is the king.

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