The origins of your best results

There might be a mistake in the making right now. So dread carefully.

Every action carries with it the seed of its outcome. In other words whatever we do has a consequence.

A professional golfer wants to hit the ball with exactly the same swing every time to always produce the same outstanding outcome.

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But what about a jobseeker whose resume just doesn’t produce the intended outcome? Even though he sends them out by the hundreds? Most likely he wants some new outcomes instead of the same old rejections.

People who keep on getting the same outcome, tend to be really good at staying with the familiar patterns in their lives. They are great at re-action.

People who step up to become pathfinders of their field, tend to be really good at finding and breaking patterns. They are great at new intentional action.

Re-action is conditioning of the old patterns, while action is creating something new

The thing is that we need both. In order to do that, we first need to develop clarity to see the nature of our desired outcome. Would I prefer new results or familiar outcomes?

Then we need wisdom, discipline and daring to decide between action and re-action.

You are already doing something now since you are reading this. So here is a question for you to stop and consider: Are you acting intentionally towards a new outcome at the moment or re-acting an old but familiar pattern?

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