”Busted” I thought to myself just an hour ago.

I found myself googling for yet another book on how to grow your sales, how to market more efficiently and how to craft a perfect pitch.

It’s the same trap that gets me on a regular basis. It’s very human to spend effort in trying to find the next tip or trick or hack that would change the game.

But what most — me included — easily forget is what I call the Navigator Principle.

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Let me explain.

Have you ever used a GPS to navigate?

Now, when a navigator plots a route for you it will need two things to get to it. First of all it will need to find your position as accurately as possible. But the position alone is not enough. The navigator will need a specific destination too.

The more specific the starting point and the destination, the better the chance is to get a great plan for the journey too!

Yet, when I observe people obsessively googling for their fast fixes, I notice that most have not bothered to really pause and describe their starting point and destination.

So when you bust yourself the next time doing the same, take a pause and ask yourself. How could I use the navigator principle here?

  1. Your coordinates: Describe truthfully where you are, what are your obstacles and resources.
  2. Your destination: Describe with a high resolution where you want to be. Decide on your definition of done and explain how you eventually know how you reached the goal.
  3. Your plan: Finally comes the time to plot your route. What are the skills, habits, beliefs, resources and contacts that you will need to make your way to the destination?

The idea of this series is to document the journey to 10x a business called Prove. So now, instead of seeking for new protips online, I will start with the coordinates.

See you soon for the first glimpse into where we’re at!

P.S. My name is Antti Niittyviita and today I run a 40 employee business in Finland. Our business is the mental health of software industry — testing and quality assurance. Everybody is just happier when software works.

Now, for the decade, my mission is to 10x the business and document the journey so others may follow. I believe it’s the best thing that entrepreneurs can do to help the world get back to it’s feet post-corona. To survive and thrive!

To join the 10X journey visit http://join.niittyviita.com/ From my inbox to yours, you’ll get a sneak peak behind the scenes of this journey together with epic tools to both survive and thrive through these times!

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