It doesn’t take long for anything that is new and hot to just becoming the new norm.

I still remember hearing that awesome dial up tone of a modem connecting to the internet. The whole world literally at our fingertips.

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The boys that we were immediately found an awesome application for it. It was boobs of course.

Now I immediately get frustrated when my phone drops its internet connection even for a second no matter the application.

It even has a name. Hedonic adaptation. We are neophiliacs to the core.

It doesn’t matter if we invented something to produce awe with. The expectations of our customers will soon rise up to the level. And after that there is only one factor to satisfy the expectation for a little longer.

Can you reliably deliver what you set out to do? Can you take out all the annoying little bugs that undermine the predictability of your product?

Awesome has a halflife and it’s remarkably short. Testing can add to it so you still might have a shot to break even or even profit.

Do testing.

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