Show me how to make an egg stand on its end this table.

The story tells how Columbus stated these words when facing the should be sponsors of his voyages.

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Everyone took their turn at the meeting to try the feat. Nobody succeeded. The egg always fell to its side.

Last came Columbus. He tapped the tip of the egg hard on the surface breaking it. An oh behold! The egg stood at its end.

The trick is of course easy to replicate once you know how it’s done.

It is always easy and safe to follow others. To keep the head down in the shadow of someone else. To wish the pathfinders risked it all to show the way to follow. But it is not safe anymore.

Being a good husband does not protect you from a divorce. Being a good employee does not protect you from a lay off. Being good is not enough anymore. Being outstanding is what makes the difference.

An outstanding professional goes where there are no trails to trample. He leaves a path for others to follow.

So find your own egg and show them!

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