A factory monkey is diligent at emulating the work of those who came before him. A good monkey does the job with efficiency to the metrics put in place by those above him.

An artist is someone who dares to rise up to the level of his ideas. An artist is the one who came before and whom the monkeys so dearly strive to emulate.

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An artist is someone who is willing to explore the unknown to make the impact that would change the reality itself.

Work of a skilled artist is effective way beyond the metrics of efficiency.

Work of a factory monkey however feels safe. To lay low and execute the instructed. Then leave the scene just to repeat it tomorrow. Until it’s over. Until the illusion of safety is shattered.

Would a factory monkey leave, he’d be replaced.

Work of an artist feels terrifying. Taking the social risk for a mere chance of an impact. To be seen. To be judged. And to even be rejected.

But at the same time it is a work of an inspired pathfinder. Someone who lights the way for everyone else to follow.

Would an artist leave, he would be missed.

Now what is left for you to do is simple. Choose.

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