The #1 Mistake That Testers Make

How often have you reported testing results, and nobody seems to care?

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Don’t worry, you’re not alone with this. I meet testers on a weekly basis facing similar situations.

Some of the most common phrases testers tell they hear from developers or project managers is this.

”Naaah! Thats not a bug, it’s a feature” or ”Naaah! Thats not a big deal, we’ll fix it later if we have time”

…All the while you know that what you report is a big deal for the project and the customer experience!

For years, I was guilty for the #1 mistake of testers. I always assumed that my colleagues and bosses were just idiots for not understanding why testing and my results mattered.

I had to get fired before understanding.

As testing is improving things through other people, it’s not technical skills that matter most in testing.

But why would you say technical skill is not important, Antti?

Well, it’s true that you need tehcnical skills to produce results, but what good do the results do if nobody is willing to fix those bugs or make better decisions?

Learning exactly HOW to get your voice heard as a tester is paramount.

What you need is a skill to convince bosses to make better decisions for the project. You need a skill to serve bug reports to developers in a way that they WANT to fix those bugs.

Simply put. You need to learn to influence the people you serve!

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