Testing. What if it was a sexy craft?

How to pitch your profession.

Wide but curious eyes always stare at me at that moment. It’s the moment when I answer with these words to this one question.

So what do you do?

Mental health. Thats it. I work in the mental health industry.

Can you feel the frustration and the anger when an app or a software that you’re trying to use doesn’t work?

My job is to help the developers who create the software to make it better. I help the devs by hunting the bugs before you as a customer might find them.

I do software testing. To me, testing equals mental health.

A successful and a compelling story about your profession has three key ingredients.

  1. Beginning that both captures the interest and establishes a common ground for both of us. That is what the mental health stands for in my story.
  2. The middle describes how I approach the problem. I am a bug hunter to help the developers. You benefit.
  3. And the ending tells what I actually do. Testing is my profession.

Your content grows in value immediately, by creating a context first. The same principle applies everywhere you communicate. Be it a regular testing report or a pitch of your profession in an interview.

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