Testing and the trinity of building better business.

I was a salesman of operator contracts and telephones a few decades ago. Back then most of the deals were done face to face.

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Some of the phones that I was selling back then :D

Comparing prices and products was hard and that if anything was the dream situation for us retailers. If you had luck, you found a product review on a magazine or someone you knew even had some first-hand experience with the product you considered. And advertising and marketing had a strong influence on decisions to purchase.

My telephone-buying customers first came in just to discuss to make up their minds about what to choose. Most of them had already visited a few different stores to compare prices to spare a buck or two.

But have you given thought to how these decisions emerge today?

Let’s consider buying a new smartphone for example. What would I do as a contemplating customer?

  • See few reviews and unboxing videos on Youtube.
  • Google how many starts it has gotten in reviews on average.
  • Ask friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Visits a few price comparison websites.
  • Checks the forums if there are any recurring warranty issues.
  • Finds out what the influencers of the domain say about this product.

The list goes on and on.

Marketing is no longer traditional broadcasting about the product’s awesomeness in the media. Modern marketing is about making sure that the product itself is excellent for real.

Unboxing photo by Julian O’hayon on Unsplash

The products are supposed to offer outstanding experiences all the way from purchasing to unboxing, to first minutes of usage and all the way to the warranty handling process.

Every single product today will need that customer to spread the sweet words of success. It will need someone to want to do the unboxing videos and share the photos like this one online.

Inferior products might have had a chance of succeeding years back while the most visible ads and face to face sales encounter got to influence the decision of a customer.

But today that kind of approach would be like playing a lottery. The only option is to invest in the quality of the actual product.

So I invite you. Let’s spend a little more effort in testing to increase the odds of growing quality, reputation, and revenue.

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Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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