I have watched the Formula 1 racing since I was a little boy. The F1 Sundays were one of my dad’s favorite moments. We boys flocked onto the couch, and sometimes we even had some popcorn.

I remember Rosberg, Prost, Senna, Häkkinen, Hamilton and Rosberg just to name few. Oh, and of course ‘Schumi’!

The defending champion now is Nico Rosberg. He has all the keys to success. Supernatural driving skills, top car and, of course, one of the most efficient teams in the racing world.

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Photo by Alex Read on Unsplash

But let me ask you. Would we see champion level results, if we were to give Nico a Lada Samara to drive in the next race?

I am pretty sure the exciting spectacle would just become a leisurely Sunday drive.

In engineering, leadership or for example arts, an essential tool for any expert resides in the head. The skills begin there but what about their car?

The brain hangs around inside the body. If the body is lagging, then the insights grow smaller and slower as well. Part of our automatic thoughts and emotions arise from our metabolism.

Think about a hangover for example. Are you prone to think constructive and uplifting thoughts then? Or does the world seem a little bit dull an grey instead?

I say that an unmatched professional is a sum of three components.

  1. Mental capacity — driving skill

An unbeatable structure is a result of refining all of the components. Just like the longtime F1 doctor Aki Hintsa once said.

Championship is a byproduct of overall fitness.

So, on which should you focus the training next?

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Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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