Stop the destructive debate inside testing

For the last 15 years I’ve had the privilege to work both as a software testing professional and the entrepreneur of a 43 employee testing business.

This journey has been a priceless opportunity to observe the best and the worst of both worlds, software testing and entrepreneurship.

Now looking back, it seems to me that there is one major difference between the two.

Entrepreneurship has gone through a huge boost in PR and in respect over the past decade. While entrepreneurs seem to focus a lot on supporting each other, co-operating on ideas and creating growing inspiration in their peer group, testing seems to swim against the current.

With the global software testing community, still so many professionals go around debating with each other about models, terms, techniques and tools. I even get to witness pointless arguments about semantics on a regular basis. For example the feedback I’ve gotten just by writing a book about testing tells the same story. Some love the message behind it while some insist on debating the terms and vocabulary they found there.

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It seems to me that testers deploy a lot of their critical thinking skills against each other. This is a huge public relations problem to the global community of testing as well as the progress that our field could be making!

Of course the truth is simple. If you explore any idea or model deep enough, you can prove it wrong. And testers are great at exploring.

Yet, testers should learn see past the pointless arguments. It’s just like George E. P. Box put it:

All models are wrong, but some are useful.

The reason I’m writing this is simple. I’d love to see this decade become a turning point for global testing community just like the previous one was for entrepreneurship.

To me it makes no difference if you use the terms from your school books, from ISTQB or even some you invented yourself. To me it makes no difference if your model seems like it has flaws. Please share them anyway!

Thinking about interesting communities in testing domain. I find these three to always spark my curiosity and have a very good natured conversation in them.

  1. When thinking about a community that is packed with enthusiastic attitude and supportive environment for aspiring speakers and conference goers, this is the place to be! Check out the Ministry of Testing here:
  2. After attending several EuroSTAR testing conferences, got to admint that the community around it big! Check out the EuroSTAR Huddle Community here:
  3. The latest addition to my short list of testing communities is this. What I like about the community is that it’s very practical on test automation. Check it out here:

Now, that it’s corona time and many are confined in their homes, it might be a great idea to pick one and take a look at whats going on in the community.

Then forget the debates and put all your energy in supporting and inspiring others! Now the world doesn’t need any more fear or worry, it needs the best version of you!

P.S. After publishing this one, guess how many testing professionals wanted to share their arguments about the title? 🙉

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