Stars of the development team

I’ve met way too many testers who act all assertive and keep on pushing the developers with the bugs they find. They act as if testers were the rockstar of the show and it ends up annoying everybody.

I’ve got news. I’m a tester and I’m not the rockstar of the show. And the odds are that you aren’t either.

Consider a situation inside a rally car. First we have the driver. He is the star whose responsibility it is to get the job done and win the race.

Then we have the co-driver on the passenger seat. He reads the map and shouts the notes to the driver. Dialog and co-op is the only way to succeed.

How good of a job would the co-driver do by waiting at the end of the race to inform the driver how he did? I bet no team would win a single race with such a mindset.

Well. If the testers aren’t rockstars of the show, who are they then?

Tester is the ultimate roadie to trust. Tester is the one who makes sure the stars gets to shine even brigher.

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(This post was inspired by the talk Vivien Ibiyemi gave at the European Testing Conference in Helsinki)

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