Road to the peak of your profession.

I’m a software testing professional and I’ve participated the same Rapid Software Testing -course three times now.

The first time I took the three-day course, it not only changed my view of the world as a tester but also as a human being. Thank you Michal Bolton (not the singer).

The same thing happened on James Bach’s course a little later. Suddenly, the world had colors. Testing had transformed itself from an engineer‘s toil to an actual hustle of gurus.

Brian Tracy’s training to salespeople are just as amazing. The stories are so compelling that even the most resistant monkeys see the light.

The value of work, be it tester’s or salesperson’s, emerges from how successfully we serve the people around us.

After each training, however, I cannot help but hear muttering from somewhere in the back.

Bah. Nothing new! I knew all of it already!

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Most often these words are heard from the last row. I’ve noticed that most of the people muttering this way have no notebooks with them, or if they do, it is void of all notes as if being a proof of self-excellence illusion. Often, the quality of their work does not speak for itself either.

The peak of any profession shares one characteristic in common. To every top professional, the basics are incredibly important.

Things that feel familiar invite a guru closer. They agree to search and research the things they already think they know to up their game. Their relationship to training is crystallized by a simple, yet powerful thought.

Never new, but always anew.

I trip into the same pitfall easily. I go out and search for cool tricks that would make me successful. Sometimes I do it in such a frenzy that I even forget to do my job.

Once I catch myself goofing around this way, I use the next coffee break for watching a documentary that has become rather familiar to me.

If you do not already believe in the basics, then find and watch the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It is of pure diamond! If you are professional enough, see it twice.

If you really want a black belt, then let me tempt you even more! Watch it eight times and take notes while you are at it.

Baptize your basics and practice patience. Years from now, it will seem like you had a huge head start.

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Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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