Please don’t play it safe anymore

The lizard brain is convincing. It tells us to play it safe. Stay on the areas where we are familiar with the terrain and the probability of something unexpected happening is low.

Too many times I’ve met with testers who tell me that test automation just doesn’t feel like their thing. Or that exploratory testing feels like ad-hoc roaming of cowboys. Or that they aren’t comfortable with the code and don’t quite understand it.

I say those are the B.S. stories that we first tell ourselves and then live up to them.

That is exactly the brain playing it safe. Taking a stance of survival that eventually pends the process of growth and learning for an indefinite time.

The thing is that if we play it safe, its plain stupid to expect new results. The potential of something new emerging falls short.

By doing what we’ve always done we get the same results that we’ve always gotten. Is it really enough for you? Would now be a great time to discard the lizard brain and start telling a new story of the professional you?

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(This post was inspired by Joep Schuurkes’ talk on European Testing Conference 2017 in Helsinki)

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