Testing is not scientific. Testing is not a part of the industrial complex. Or at least not anymore.

More than anything else, testing is an art. Hunting and capturing ever new bugs is an act of ultimate creativity.

The most efficient testers do not run the most check cases in an hour. They flood with new ideas to try and investigate. And they grow ever more clever hunters.

Professional testers boost their creativity by remixing the work of colleagues, playing covers and every now and then composing their own masterpieces.

But what is it that stands at the root of the creative mind? What is it that gives us the access to the ultimate testing tool, the fountain of creativity in the first place?

The only thing that stands in the way of our ultimate testing tool is fear. Fear of being seen as we truly are. Fear of being seen as incomplete, geeky, insecure or sometimes even seen sweating on stage.

Guarding ourselves agains being seen, will set guard between us and our most imporant tool as well.

The only thing there is to do to break out of the life long hypnosis we have induced on ourselves is courage. It is not bravery at the face of danger. It is a habit of opening our heart and embracing the uniqueness we each posses.

And here are the great news. Courage is a habit. And habits are a thing we all can learn. And we testers should be the masters of learning :)

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(This post was inspired by the talk Gitte gave at the European Testing Conference in Helsinki)

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