One art every test manager should know

When was the last time you put yourself through the tedious errand of tidying up your home? For me the task feels always so hard, because I simply end up moving stuff from room to another. The organizing work is really really hard.

I’ve found out that the same phenomenon emerges inside software projects as well. Coding day in and day out, starts eventually building legacy inside the product. Years of work piling up to the point that we eventually end up with a product with huge maintenance overhead.

The exact same thing applies to software testing. Our test case libraries grow ever bigger. Until the task of designing, maintenance and running is all we know. No room for exploration or new ideas.

No amount of organizing makes the things better, because we simply keep on moving stuff from one room to another. The only thing we really can do is to learn a new art.

The art of discarding.

It is an easy art. There are no intellectual obstacles to working on it. Our biggest obstacle in succeeding hides behind the intellect.

Our biggest obstacle is emotional.

So now that you know. Go out and start dealing with it ;)

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(This post was inspired by Kevlin Henney and Gitte Klitgaard at the European Testing Conference in Helsinki)

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