Most boring story imaginable

There once was a guy whose life was just great. He had an inspiring job and great relationships in his life. Not soon enough, the life got just a little better. In the end of the story everything was simply awesome.

Would you just die to see that kind of a story in a movie?

I wouldn’t. I’d be bored out of my mind.

A good story always has a beginning, a middle and an ending. There always is the everyday life of a Bilbo Baggins or a young Luke Skywalker. Then something unexpected happens and the daring adventure begins.

After the heroic challenges have been faced and the deeds are done, we are brought to the fulfilling conclusion. There always is a picture of a better tomorrow.

Have you ever considered your bug or testing reports throught the glasses of a creative writer? What would happen, if you tried out a real storyline next time?

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(This post was inspired by the talk Nicola Sedgwick gave at the European Testing Conference in Helsinki)

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