Michelin Chef’s Alpha and Omega.

I occasionally eat out. I am an entrepreneur, so I dine fine only when I run out of options, or someone else is paying. The previous time such a miracle happened we enjoyed a five-course meal in restaurant Olo in Helsinki in an inspiring company.

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This is not Olo, but I liked the setting :D The photo is taken by Todd Diemer for Unsplash

The food was excellent. It turned out that Olo was voted the restaurant of the year for a reason. The serving was beautiful, and the story behind every dish was fascinating. After that evening, I could not help but wonder.

What makes Michelin starred artists stand out from all the rest?

Professionals, regardless of their field, are quite talented in what they do. Software developers are talented in coding, testers are talented in testing, and chefs in cooking. So the deciding factor must, therefore, be somewhere else.

The actual execution is the routine part of the work. The separating element between a guru and an apprentice must, therefore, hide elsewhere. At the edges of the execution.

If nettles go in, no roses can come out.

The most famous chefs, it seems, are exceptional in preparation of their work. They are careful in choosing the material that goes into their kitchen because they know that if nettles go in, no roses can come out. Masters make sure they get the tools and methods they need. They sell their ideas up the organization, and they coach their team in using them.

The professional reputation of a master chef, however, emerges at the end of the timeline. The presentation. The team creates each serving with pinpoint precision to impact the customer. The food looks beautiful, and the flavors are balanced. The master never forgets to taste each piece of work to ensure the outcome.

Finally, the team presents the serving with flair and a compelling story behind it.

Gastronomy is an older form of art than your craft. Should you wish to become a Michelin Master of your field, start now.

Acquire a new idea each day to support your preparation or presentation. Be patient and practice.

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