Have you seen the Married At First Sight TV-format?

In it, a group of experts attempted to choose a dream spouse for people seeking their better halves, and the pair met for the first time by the altar, exchanging vows.

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Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

It was damn entertaining, even though the results usually did not last until the silver anniversary.

One builds up more lasting relationships in simpler ways. People go on a date. Then they do it again and again. They need time to connect. The most important thing is to meet often so that the rough edges have a chance to smoothen up. And then an opportunity for something amazing transpires.

We have taken this simple insight as our own in software business too. The real and long-lasting value in software projects is born only when the customer goes quickly on the first date with the product they ordered.

We get to enjoy higher quality software regardless of the target audience because the first dates down the aisle repeat more seldom year, after year.

So I just wanted to say thank you Agile Manifesto. Your ripples through time have made our lives better.

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