Killing the car is no small feat

Much like cars made horses obsolete in mainstream transportation, the Segway was supposed to make cars obsolete.

Business analysts predicted the Segway to be a huge success and even Steve Jobs was awed by the experience of hopping on one.

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Dean Kamen was the inventor of the Segways. He has a track record of inventing incredible devices, like he did extremely successfully in the 70’s and 80’s in the healthcare industry.

He invented for example injection and kidney dialysis devices that revolutionized their fields of medical care. Dean Kamer is an incredible inventor by nature.

The Segway had a problem however. It turns out Kamen has a huge potential of solving problems found by others. When there is a market pull for the inventions.

The time with Segway was different. Instead of a market pull, the Segway team started a technology push and those only rarely work out for the best.

When looking at Kamen’s track record of inventions, it is easy to make a mistake of course.

We should not look at the accomplishments of individuals, teams or organisations.

Instead of seeing what they have achieved, we should focus on two more important question first.

How have they succeeded and why?

So learn to reverse engineer the driving purpose and methods of success first and you’ll find yourself with an advantage like no other.

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