Is it worth the effort to fix a bug?

No it’s not. That’s a feature!

The attempts I’ve seen to classify bugs have focused on severity, impact, priority, risk, and reproducibility to name a few. No one keeps up with all criterion.

In big projects, I’ve even seen them arrange big error meetings, and the organization chart portrays a title called an ‘error manager.’

I’ve found that the simplest classification is either-or. The bugs that we need to fix and the bugs that we don’t. But what is the most sensible rule for making that kind of a decision?

Since gut feelings are not enough, I decided to take a sidestep from my career and become an artist. I drew this for your enjoyment. Aren’t the bugs just adorable?

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Every business has a brand, a story, values, and a mindscape of their own. When all of it matches those of the audiences’, the market grows.

Consistency builds trust.

Bugs that crawl from being simple annoyances or irrelevant features towards the root cause of why we do business are the ones to look at most closely.

A business can succeed once our thinking, communication, and what we deliver are all aligned.

That is why I’ve found that there is a single question to get clarity on each bug we analyze.

Does this bug threaten the things that we stand for?

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Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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