”That’s VANITY, isn’t it?” a friend asked ”What’s the point to playing that social media game? Why would you take pics of yourself doing workshops? Or even do a vlog?”

”It’s 2019. Internet is everywhere. Influence equals impact” I replied.

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Your domain makes no difference. The value of your results is not just about the results you produce.

It all boils down to the impact your results make on the people you serve. Are others willing to change their thinking, decisions or actions based on what you deliver?

To create impact, you first need the skill. That’s obvious. Without skill, all the rest is pointless. Great results that create value to the people you serve are the precondition for everything else.

Second, you need style. Nobody likes to work with an annoying smart ass even though they might have great results. It’s the how you deliver your results that matters. Do you see yourself as the El Hefe of a Michelin restaurant or a clerk at the junk food joint?

Finally you need the status. Who are you when you deliver these results? Are you just a random passerby or are you a total guru of your field? Regardless of your title on the business card, are you a professional who commands respect in the minds of your clients, colleagues and bosses? Do you have social reference?

It’s true that some might call it vanity; I call it professional reputation. The influence that you gather over time equals the impact your results later make!

Would today be a great to day to start that blog that you’ve been thinking about? Take out the camera and record your first video blog? Share that valuable thought on Linkedin?

Go online and ship something!

Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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