If you owned a conference facility

I like to play with ideas. Will you join for this one moment of thought experiment?

Let’s assume you owned a conference facility. What would you do with it? What kind of an event would you organise? What would get you sparked up in the morning, every morning?

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By the way. You could own the conference facility. One day at a time. So why don’t you?

Time, boss, money, organization, process, strategy, energy and timing are some of the most common reasons. They are the easy way out. To place the blame somewhere outside.

But I’d say we got it all wrong. The abovementioned is only a list of resources. What we lack in execution is resourcefulness.

Tapping into the potential of personal resourcefulness has just one precondition however. It’s the skill to place the blame inside oneself, that is the hard part. That is the part of taking ownership of everything we face.

The biggest obstacle of ownership is not intellectual, it is emotional.

Most of the lifes big things are.

Once the ownership becomes crystal clear, the resourcefulness starts flowing in big and thick.

So I invite you to consider this.

What if you could be the champion of your cause? Which cause would it be? Would you unite a group customers, coworkers, hobbyists or friends by daring to state the two most simple words of ownership?

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