How to fail and nail at the marketing automation?

Over the course of two months I have received emails from this awesome guy called Greg. He asks for my attention and wants to discuss his company ValueAdd.

The funny thing here is that he sends the exact same emails to my colleague Jaakko as well. Here is the last email I received from him.

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I really like his style and don’t feel all that bothered about them. I actually feel curious to see what I find in his email next week.

The only problem is this. I never subscribed to emails, that most obviously are a part of an automatic marketing engine. And since this is not a mailing list either, there is no way to unsubscribe.

Greg does save a whole lot of time by automating this for sure. But here is the paradox. He expects me to invest time in building our relationship and at the same time he invests his time elsewhere.

It is true that I get easily interested by new ideas if there was a benefit for me.

So here is a small advice for Greg and his colleagues. If you really want to nail it by marketing automation, here are a few examples to spark my interest.

Give something before asking for the attention. It could be anything worth the while of people you approach.

Can you find an interesting study that might interest me? Or could you give me a business analysis report or maybe a whitepaper on how to build a marketing automation?

Oh. And a benchmark of our company site would be cool and even more personal way of engaging for sure.

It makes no difference where we ask for a service or help or attention. The same principle applies.

By giving something worthwhile first, we increase the odds of co-operation significantly.

Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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