How To Deal With Failure

Have you recently failed? If you have, I congratulate you

There are countless situations where you can fail every single day.

  • Maybe you started running, but now the knee hurts, and you had to quit,
  • You applied for that new position but didn’t get it,
  • You asked that someone on a date but got turned down,
  • You started waking up early, but the habit didn’t stick,
  • You gave the presentation to the team, but nothing changed or
  • You wrote a social media post, but nobody liked it.

”Hell yeah! This is great!” I say.

But why would I congratulate for failures? Why would someone get excited about failing?

Well, it proves that you are in the game! It means that you are playing. You took the shot.

Not many are willing to take that effort. It’s far easier to stand at the side of the court and be the smartass shouting instructions to others.

Yes, I get it. Failing can feel bad. But let me assure you this. Not trying will feel way worse. Maybe not at first, but given time, it will stack up.

Every time I find myself cocooned in the comfort of not-trying, I soon feel how my self-worth starts to slide, how confidence begins to crumble, how new ideas and inspiration leave me alone, and the emotional juice runs dry.

It’s a creeper. Sometimes even society, friends, or your family may attempt to lull you into it. Not trying and doubt creep into life often unnoticed. So always remember this.

Your life is your life

Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission

-Charles Bukowski

Be on the watch. Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t let the fear of failing to paralyze you into not trying, and don’t let anyone else seduce you into it either!

Train yourself to get excited about failing. Next time when something fails, jump up and cheer! ”Hell yeah! This is great!”

It proves that you’re not the one on the side of the court.

Your life is your life.

Stay in the game.

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