Testing is always feedback driven. Right?

Of course we see testing as a constant process of input and its feedback. It’s only natural since most of us are somewhat technically oriented.

We keep on focusing on the bugs most of the time we work. The behaviour of the product at hand is our device for feedback.

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But what if nobody cares about the results? We might deliver awesome results but they make no one else tick the way it should.

Our results are literally useless if nobody is willing to change their thinking or actions based on them.

There are two main reasons it might happen.

  1. The results of your work actually suck and you are doing wrong things with your work time.
  2. The results of your work are actually useful, but you haven’t found a way to make it visible in actionable way.

This is the approach I like to really call feedback driven testing. Feedback driven testing means an approach not in feedack from the product, but feedback from the people we get to serve.

Pay attention to the feedback around you and be curious.

Your work is only as good as the impact it makes on your customers, colleagues and bosses.

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