Don’t worry. You’re safe!

Every morning, before all of this begun you packed your stuff and left off. Cycling, driving, commuting, you name it. You took the chance even though you knew what could happen.

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There is always someone on the road who is drunk. And there are always many who text and drive at the same time. Then there are the drivers who are just plain tired and may even fall asleep.

The stats are stunning. 1.4 million people die due to car accidents every year. That’s 3200 people every single day!

You did it every morning without fear. You took the risk. It was business as usual.

Now you are at home. Most likely more safe than you’ve been in long time. So it’s time to quit worrying and start doing.

Today, the world doesn’t need more fear or negativity. It needs all the hope, inspiration and energy you can possibly put out there!

What if today, instead of indulging in terrible news and social media anxiety, you did something different?

What if you took a little effort to create something beautiful and put it out there. Touch someone either virtually or in person.

Leave that inspiring comment, endorse a friend or just call someone to tell how important they are!

…And maybe repeat it tomorrow.

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