‘Can you guard my stuff?’ She said while I was browsing throught the menu in a cafe in London. It was lunch time and I had just arrived.

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‘Oh. Me?’ I asked. ‘Yes. You. I’ll just go and pay for my lunch... So can you?’ She said.

That quick agreement and a position of trust made me think. Anyone observing could have said that we were strangers. That there was no relationship between the two of us.

But the truth is different. People form relationships fast. Faster than they even know themselves. The relationship at lunch was a result of a mere minute of sharing the same space.

Then she only voiced what was already there. The result was a simple agreement with an obvious benefit for both of us. Her stuff was safe and I felt good about helping someone.

Relationships are everywhere and they grow fast.

If trust and agreements can be built that fast, we are left with a question.

Can you start giving a voice to the unseen more often and aim for even better agreements?

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