Be in charge of the results you deliver

Imagine it’s late and your working on the computer. Footsteps at the front door catch your attention.

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That piece of information is the content. Now, for most of us, the brain starts to work on the context of it.

Who could it be? Am I expecting someone? Should I be afraid? Who has the key? Should I be alone or is there someone with me? Did I leave the TV on?

Even a brief glimpse of information(content) kicks the brain into constructing a story(context) around it.

If I was a novellist arousing your imagination, that mechanism would be extremely beneficial for me. In storytelling, the most impactful words are the ones we leave out.

But how is it for a professional in other fields of expertise? Should a doctor let the imagination of the patient run free? Should a software tester let the imagination of the product owner run free?

I think, that for a professional, content without context is mostly dangerous.

I wouldn’t want the imagination of my clients, colleagues and superiors run free regarding the work that I’ve done. That is why I frame my results by telling the origin story of it first.

”This is how the results came to be. And here is what I found”

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