Automation nibbles at your job

Let’s stop. Just for one moment let’s consider automation paired up with evolving artificial intelligence.

Compared to humans, automation already does a better, faster and more reliable job with anything from brewing coffee and watering plants to trading stocks, reading legal documents, diagnosing medical conditions and flying an intercontinental flight.

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Regardless, the automation centered discussion in software testing is still the same as it was almost ten years ago. We discuss how there are ‘automated testers’ and there are ‘manual testers’ For some reason it feels natural for us software people.

But what if we were discussing about automated doctors, economists or manual scientists? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

We could argue the ethics, benefits and appliances of automation forever. We could wrestle with the notion of titles and naming conventions in our profession, but one thing always remains.

Automation is an increasing part of our everyday life. It keeps on nibbling at our field of work. Day in and day out, the advancing automation keeps on taking the obvious, recurring and complex tasks from our hands.

That is what a thermostat already does for us. And what flight searching portals do faster than any human could.

Nobody makes a mark about the automation already there. And still we insist a discussion of manual vs. automated testing. It’s like we are stuck in a loop at the edge of tomorrow.

Forget the biased arguments and start deciding on this.

What is it that you can do, that is really really hard for a computer to execute? Then start drilling. And drill deep.

Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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