Automation is an extension of us

The question was simple, yet so complex. Steve Jobs sat in the interview as silence fell for a brief moment.

What is that personal computer?

The answer blew me away. Computer is the bicycle for the mind. And another silence followed.

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As Steve explained being 12 years old and reading an article in Scientific American he remembered one article most clearly. It was about a study where scientists measured the efficiency of locomotion of different species on earth.

Condor won, since flying for condors does not consume all that many calories. Human was somewhere down the list with its highly inefficient energy consumption.

But as the scientists tested the boundaries a bit more they found out that human wins the race given an efficiently designed bicycle.

Human beings are a species evolved to design tools to up their game.

The computer is the bicycle for the mind. That is what automation is.

Tomorrow your professional advantage comes from your skill to learn and utilize all the automation that is already at you disposal.

The only question is, will you actually do it?

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