Have you ever thought about what your life would look like if you had the confidence to live life to its fullest?

I know I have. When I look back on my timeline, I see a trail of missed opportunities, indecision, emotional eclipses, and some broken relationships too. Exploring this path revealed that for me, one of the missing skills was a lack of confidence.

Just think about it. How much more freedom and happiness could you feel if you had the healthy kind of confidence within you? How much easier would it be for you to make better or…

Just before sitting down to write today, I finished re-reading the book Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho. In the book Paulo tells a story of doing a pilgrimage from the border of France through the routes of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Throughout the book, his motive for the pilgrimage was to find a sword that was hidden. Through the book he practiced rituals of some ancient tradition in hopes to become worthy of finding the sword. But nothing helped.

At the very end of the journey he finally stopped in a revelation. …

Have you recently failed? If you have, I congratulate you

There are countless situations where you can fail every single day.

  • Maybe you started running, but now the knee hurts, and you had to quit,
  • You applied for that new position but didn’t get it,
  • You asked that someone on a date but got turned down,
  • You started waking up early, but the habit didn’t stick,
  • You gave the presentation to the team, but nothing changed or
  • You wrote a social media post, but nobody liked it.

”Hell yeah! This is great!” I say.

But why would I congratulate for…

Can you remember a time when you had enough time to do everything you wanted to and the way you wanted? A time when you were able to start a task early enough and with enough background information to do a great job?

For me, it’s tough to remember such a time. I think it must have been back in my university days where I mostly wasted the time that I had!

Looking at my professional life, it feels like I’ve never had enough time to meet my needs. For example, in my domain, the professional software testing documents are…

Today, I woke up feeling like crap. After downing the morning coffee, I just stared at Instagram for the next hour in a messy brain-fog. Have you ever had mornings like this?

A photo from Unplash.

Getting back after the holidays full of irregular sleeping, eating like a pig, no exercise, and countless other reasons, I found myself in a bad place. The year was about to start with a discord.

Sitting there, I had just wasted my chance of hitting the gym. I had made a grand plan of hitting it three times every week and knew my way around the meal plan…

I spent my childhood listening to the sounds from the nearby factory. A stream of smoke pillared towards the sky day and night.

My hometown based its economy on the industrial complex — Timber in, paper out.

Nope. Its not my home town factory on this pic :)

Very early, I knew that working on an assembly line of a factory wasn’t for me. I wanted to work with computers instead. So, I became a software professional.

Not long into the career with software, I found myself in a new kind of trouble. I had become a part of the software industry and just another assembly line.

Anyone who’s ever gotten…

As a little boy, I went to an idyllic yellow wooden elementary school. The school had its kitchen, where Martta cooked lunch for us, and only a handful of students attended each class. No worries about the covid back then.

We started learning our first foreign language during the third grade. English classes began with basic vocabulary, and we all gave ourselves English names.

My name was Andy, while my friend Aki wanted to be known as Jake. He was a big fan of the TV series “Jake and the Fatman.”

Not an actual photo from my school. I just caught my attention on Unsplash.

When you learn new languages, you quickly reach a…

In 1896, a scientist at the University of Lausanne noticed something unusual. After examining the distribution of land ownership in Italy, he saw that about 20% of the population owned almost all cultivated land.

Amazingly, the same distribution seemed to be repeated elsewhere, too, not just in Italy. 20% of the population owned about 80% of the land. Wherever Wilfredo Pareto looked, he saw the same thing.

Much later, a management expert Joseph M. Juran formulated “The Pareto Rule” based on these observations. He said that 80% of the companies’ turnover seems to come from about 20% of the customers.

The tent was packed with soldier on a christmas lunch when the explosion happened. It was the busies hour for the caterin in Mosul. A suicide bomber had walked in wearing a friendly uniform when the terror started. The year was 2004.

As the dust settled, Sergeant Edward Montoya sprang into action from under the table where he miraculously hidden in time to save himself. He began to search through the casualties in order to evaluate the situation.

Within hours, a small makeshift hospital had been set up and the troops were taking care of the injured. Those with the…

Imagine yourself driving a car. It’s already dark. No headlights. No streetlights. Nothing. It’s just you, travelling on a dark road.

You know you’re already running late. And stopping is not an option because this is really important!

As your eyes are accustomed to the darkness, you do recognise some shapes but it’s hard to distinct any details.

Moving forward, your biggest problem is that you see things at the last minute, if at all. No way to tell if there is a junction, pedestrians, deer or children. It mostly depends on luck if you reach that destination without accidents.

Antti Niittyviita

Today the world doesn’t need your fear or your worry. Now, more than ever, it needs the best version of you!

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